Campbell Scientific

We make a range of products designed to work with Campbell Scientific Equipment.


Popular products include :

  • Multi Communications Adapter

This allows a Campbell Scientific Data Logger to communicate over three independent communications paths. For example, a CR10 data logger can be connected to a GPRS modem, a digital radio network, and a conventional dial-up modem. The logger can then communicate over which ever bearer calls first, and after the call it will self reset, and wait for the next call. A new variant of this product is being developed to allow for CSIO devices like DC112 modems.


  • Wireless PC Connection.

This device plugs into the CSIO port of the datalogger, and allows wireless connection to the logger from several hundred metres away.

Handy for doing a logger check or download without having to take your laptop out in the rain.


  • Control Port Relay

The control ports on a Campbell Scientific Logger can only supply a few milli-amps of current.

Our control port relay boards allow the logger to switch 10 amps, making the logger an effective programable logic controller.

  • CSIO Port Adapters

Campbells CSIO Port does not use true RS232 voltage levels.

As a result, it will sometimes not work reliably with devices that expect true RS232 voltages, like modems, GPRS modems, digital radios etc. We make adapters to correct this, so that your device can connect directly to the CSIO port.

We also make an adapter to allow the CSIO port to connect to the Tait/Hytera IP Radios, via the Artila adapter shipped with these radios.