Disability Products


Nanalert is a simple android App, designed to make like a little bit safer for the elderly or vulnerable. Install the App on your phone, and tell it (a) the mobile phone numbers of three friends, relatives or neighbours, and the emergency servies number. It has two main buttons, "I'm OK" and "Emergency". Pressing "Im OK" sends a text to your friends saying that you are OK, and giving them a map of your location. But in an emergency, press the Emergency button, and the app will text an emergency message, send a map of your location, and phone the emergency services for you. Privacy Policy : Nanalert is Privacy friendly. When you set it up, it sends a text message to the people you have added as emergency contacts as a courtesy to let them know. It never shares any other information with them unless you specificaly ask it to, and it never communicates anyone else, ever. Its totally under your control, and no one can use it to find where you are, unless you ask it to tell them.


Tara is a voice operated command system. Tara can be connected to our nurse call system, so a person who cannot operate a push button can call for assistance using voice commands. Tara can also do other simple tasks, like turning on a lamp.

We are developing a new improved Tara, who will be able to control other common household devices by emulating common infra-red remote controls. This means that by using voice commands, its going to be possible to turn the TV on, change channels, operate an airconditioner and so on. 

Remote Bed controller

This controller allows a common infrared remote control to be used to operate electric beds. It simply plugs into a "Linak" brand bed controller as it it were the handset. Then the user can control the bed using the remote control.