Recent Projects

In the last 12 months we have been working on a number of projects.

A new flood warning system has been installed at Herbertville by Horizons Regional Council, this is of the self triggered design, as it has a river level sensor instaled around 4km upstream, as well as a sensor adjacent to the system.



We have designed our latest datalogger which improves on the previous model as it has a wireless interface allowing it to be downloaded via PC, or external modem without cables. It will also allow the logger to connect wirelessly to external sensors and devices, like GPS receivers, as and when customers require this feature.

We have shipped a variant of this with a massive 32GB of storage, which is recording geophone signals at a rate in excess of 1000 samples a second.

Hytera Digital Radio Adapter

This allows Tait - Hytera Digital radios to connect directly to the CSIO port on a Campbell Datalogger like a CR10 or CR800.


PointLink is a point to point telemetry system designed to send analog and digital signalling via low power radios.

RS232 Radios

These have been developed to send RS232 data over low power radios at 9600 BPS.

Nurse Call System

Our latest nurse call system has been commissioned in is now in service.

BackScad - we've got your back

BackScad, is a simple SCADA system that operates over the cellphone network. Its designed as a backup to to a full SCADA system, just to provide essential eyes, and cover your back if your main system ever goes down.

Campbell Scientific Datalogger multi comm path adapter

Our new adapter for Campbell Scientific dataloggers allow any 5 communications bearers to connect to the one logger via its CSIO port. Radio, dial up modem, IP, RS232, direct PC connection are all supported, and the product automatically detects working channel, baud rate etc.

 Public Warning System Upgrades

We have upgraded the control system for our older public warning systems. The new design uses substantially less power, so is very suitable for operation on solar panels. It now has an upgraded LCD display which allows the user to check when the alarm operated, check battery and power supply parameters, and preform and reset local testing.

An optional sound card allows any message, tone, the Civil defence "sting" or any other sounds to be played on command. This is available with pager, radio, IP, and direct local trigger inputs, and is standard DIN rail mount.