Nurse Call System

We have built two nurse call systems of slightly different designs for local clients.

The first client operates a residential hi-dependency care center in the Manawatu. They needed a new nurse call system, but did not have the budget to purchase a full commercial system.

We developed a specific solution for their needs at a cost that met their tight budget, and provides them with the level of service better than the commercial system they had scoped.

The second client operates a residential village for the elderly. Many residents are self care, some with varing degrees of mobility or other health issues, and the facility also has a full hospital wing. The villas are spread out over several hectares, and it was decided it would be too expensive to cable each villa individually. We developed a Contact ID receiver for this village, that enabled them to deploy conventional medical alarm transmitters in each villa, with the signalling to the nurse station done over the customers private phone exchange.


Basic system overview(s):

Each client has a call point, and extra call points are located throughout the village.

(Call points are a mixture of conventional wireless pendant, button, pear type call point, pull cord and even voice operated call points for a tetraplegic client.)

When a client operates their call point, it is sent to the monitoring point, located at the nurse station.

A PC Logs the call, thus providing a local display, and an audit trail. Any number of slave displays can be located around the facility.

The call can be acknowledged by the operator, but if it is not, the details of the call are sent to staff via alpha numeric telepager, so staff know who called, without having to either return to a central nurse station, or find a display unit.

When the client is attended to, the carer resets the call and the system records that the patient has received attention.

 Capacity is 32 wards, each with 32 call points.