Other stuff

This page describes one off repairs, projects we are doing with no funding or no fixed timetable, and general background "stuff" we are involved with.


P.O.E.M - Pressure Operated Environmental Monitor

The clever guys at NIWA originally built this. https://www.niwa.co.nz/our-services/instruments/instrumentsystems/products/water-flow-instruments/poem

Its designed to allow safe easy gaugings in flooded rivers. Two pressure transducers use a Pitot tube to constantly measure depth and velocity, allowing a fast river gauging even under flood conditions. The original P.O.E.M was interfaced to a PSION handheld computer and used the cable that supported the P.O.E.M in the river for communications. Theses parts are now obsolete, so we have repaired this P.O.E.M with a new 10 bit A/D converter, and modern communications. This is an ongoing project, that we originally demonstrated at the 2014 LAEMG conference. Taranaki Regional Council supplied the broken P.O.E.M for us to repair.  



Sedimentation Load sensor

Sediment is difficult and expensive to measure, and even harder to measure in real-time. We are developing a sensor that should be able to measure sediment in real time. Horizons are supporting this project, which effectively uses modern electronics to replace the old fashioned hydrometer.

 Massey University River Bed Load Project

We are building a sensor and logger array for a project run by a Massey University student, designed to measure the movement of river beds under various flow conditions. Horizons are providing extensive assistance for this project.