Two way radios - Nationwide coverage

Our new "kiwiPTT" service offers near Nationwide coverage, even from handheld radios.

We offer private channels, as well as a fully manned, 24 hour a day call center available to all our customers for "man down" or similar emergencies.

We originally created this service to offer to Security Guards.

Two way radios outperform cellphones for a number of reasons.

  • Staff with a cellphone may be surfing the internet, or on facebook.
  • Two way radios dont allow this, and this creates a more professional workplace, and creates a better customer impression.
  • Two way radios are fast to use in an emergency - the screen does not need unlocking, there is no number to dial, all that is required is a press of a single button.
  • Radio channels can be set up as a "one to many call" meaning all co-workers are aware of the situation.
  • Some radio models have a single "emergency" button, which calls everyone on the channel, as well as the 24 hours call center, and full GPS location reporting is available. 
  • Private channels and shared channels are available, as well as the monitored 24 hour channel.
  • Desktop integration means you can talk to your radio users from an app on your desktop - no radio required.

The system is also ideal for replacing legacy repeater based two way radio systems. Why invest in upgrading or repairing that repeater, antenna or power supply when you can do away with it ?

The system is ideal for courier drivers, taxi operators, Uber and shuttle drivers, local authority enforcement officers (parking, dog control) in fact anyone who needs reliable, low cost, fast to use communications, with GPS tracking available, and 24 hour a day assistance from professional security staff.  

The radios use the internet for communications, and it can connect via the cellular phone network, so it will work anywhere that there is cellular coverage, or WiFi connection. No repeaters required for communications from one end of the country to the other.

Typical setup :

Channel 1 - Emergency monitored channel. 24 hour a day service from licensed, NZ based security monitoring staff.

Channel 2 - Private channel for your company only. Generally used as a "call channel".

Channel 3 - 14 Private channel for your company only. User defined usage.

Channel 15 - Public channel, all our users can access this channel.

Channel 16 - Radio test channel.

Preorders and inquiries are welcome for this service. We are currently going through the process of getting radios type approved, and anticipate being able to ship radios in the next few weeks.