Recent Projects

Radio Repeater controller.

This project turned two standard Tait TM8110 Radio-telephones into a fully featured repeater. It allowed for a user configurable repeater splash, 8 alarm inputs, 8 control outputs, battery voltage, power and VSWR analog reporting. The repeater can also be turned on and off remotely. 

Generator Controller

We have done a number of conversions to small gernerators over the years to allow them to be operated remotely. This controller was developed for a much smaller generator than is usually converted to remote control, so no off the shelf conversion was available. The generator can be started or stopped by text message. The controller monitors temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, output voltage, load current and sends the measurement periodically via text to the user. 

IVR System

This system allows alarm messages to be sent via voice to a list of users. Different alarms can be sent to different users, and the system can vocalise measurements. As designed this system uses a text to speech engine which speaks only English, but it is currently being given the capability to use pre-recorded messages to allow any language to be used.