Based in the Horowhenua town of Levin, Essential Electronics & Security Ltd provides support to local businesses, government and utilities.

 We offer hardware and software design and development, PLC programming, SCADA and mobile radio support, and have a Security Division (ESL Security) that provides a full electronic alarm service to customers, as well as an alarm monitoring station, and guard responses by our subcontracted guard company.  

 We manufacture a small range of products as well, including an automated Floodwarning/Tsunami Alarm System, various small Dataloggers, our Point to point telemetry system, and a wide range of specialist adapters to increase the range and versatility of the popular Campbell Scientific dataloggers.

 Our goal is to develop smart technology, to allow our customers to concentrate on their core business, with the technology that makes them the best in their field.

 We operate a non audited quality system, designed to meet the requirements of the ISO9000 standard.

 For specific customers or jobs, we can operate a fully audited QA system if required.

 If there is a problem with your core business, that technology may be able to solve give us a call.



Our latest product is our Back-up SCADA system.

The worst moment for an operator is when his main SCADA system goes down, and he is left "flying blind". Our new product "Back-SCAD" is designed to help.

Back-SCAD is a simple RTU that uses cellular comms to provide an operator with basic alarms and data from remote sites. 4 analog channels, 4 status inputs, and two control outputs are provided.

Please contact us if you have an interest in this product.