Civil Defence Floodwarning - Tsunami Alarm

Proven in service, our robust alarms are designed to provide a timely warning to the public for flood, Tsunami or any other event that requires a warning.

 These alarms can be triggered by the Telecom Paging Network, Cellular phone network, Two way radio, or Internet, as well by a local sensor in "self trigger" mode.

They can optionally send a Text message to confirm they have operated if required, or in situations where they are self triggered.

 They incorporate a controller with an LCD display, that displays the last activation allowing an easy audit trail.

The standard alarm sounds the letter "U" in morse code ("You are coming into danger"), but any cadence can be played or if preferred an optional recorder can play a siren sound, or a voice message as required by the customer.

These models are solar powered - they will operate even if the mains power system has failed, as they don't require either mains power, or ripple control signals.

Designed to be installed on a standard "OCLYTE" column, they can be easily installed by your local lighting contractor.